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Margaux & Maxx Wedding @ Windows on the Water at Surfrider Beach Club on the Jersey Shore.

A few portraits from a couple of weeks ago 🙂Wedding was @ Windows on the Water right on the water on the Jersey shore. Beautiful location with great
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Phoebe and Chaim @ The Clubhouse at Patriot Hills.

A few portraits from last weekends wedding.Wedding was @ The Clubhouse at Patriot Hills which is a beautiful golf course located on the top of a hill in
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Quick Preview

From a recent wedding in the city at St. Francis Xavier Church. We had access to this little gem of a library. Such a cool place. Great couple too! }
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Fall Weddings

Happy first day of fall! Fall is a beautiful time of the the year for a wedding. The cool crisp air, clear skies and the wonderful array of colors. Enjoy
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Heather & Chris @ Andre’s Lakeside Dining in Sparta

Quick shot from last weekends wedding at Andre’s Lakeside Dining. Another great couple this time in a very quaint lake-shore venue.
Posted on August 31, 2018 0
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Daniel & Tara wedding at The Brownstore, Paterson, NJ

Being in the wedding industry we get to work with many different vendors. We had the opportunity for work with Jon from ZANNI Productions. The funny thing
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