Quick little set from two weeks ago

This wedding was on the Lexington Yacht. It was private cruise around Manhattan. We’ve been on cruise weddings before. But never on such a nice Yacht. It was quiet, really well appointed. The food was awesome and the folks running the yacht were great. An overall great experience.

We met Michael & Daisy in early spring in Hoboken. After chatting for a few minutes we knew we were a great fit. Michael & Daisy were super laid back. Down to earth easy going attitude. It was really fun hanging with their family and friends on this cruise.

The weather did not cooperate with us 🙁 it was wet and the entire day. So I wanted to grab some extra shots prior to the cruise to make sure we had enough. I visited Daisy at her hotel and was able to grab some detail shots and a few quick getting ready shots prior to the cruise.

Enjoy the gallery: