These days we all have lots of data. Usually in the form of Photos, Music and office documents. We also have cloud accounts like Google, Dropbox, etc. But what would happen if your PC or even your cloud service were to fail due to mechanical issue. You cant replace family photos and these days most people dont even have hard-copies of the photos or albums.

Today we’re I’m going to show you how to back-up your PC/Laptop to an external drive. These drives are usually cheap and can help you restore your data if your main PC fails. One thing to keep in mind is that if there’s a natural disaster or some damage local to your home both your PC and the backup drive can be destroyed at the same time. So you can use this method along with a cloud service to be prepared for that type of situation. But having just this single external drive would still be able to help you in case of a single hardrive failure or Virus, etc.

Most of these back-up drives come with some-kind of software that will allow you to schedule backups. There are also lots of software that will schedule backups for you. I recommend “Create Synchronicity” its free and very robust!

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Here’s your basic external drive that can be used for backups.