3D printed Face Shields for Healthcare Professionals

Hello! We’re Norberto & Alberto from FlowingColor Photography. We’re helping healthcare workers by printing Face shields at no cost. We do this from our homes with our personal printers. If you work for a Hospital or Healthcare unit and need face shields. Please fill out our request form.

Want to help? purchase the required supplies to keep us printing:

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Print your own:

Printable Face Shield:
These are the Face Shields we are printing. We chose this design because they are the fastest printable Face Shields. We use the European version because we find it easier to punch holes.

Download design for 3D Printing

Printable Mask Buckle:
This is a quick design we made to help relieve pressure on ears from wearing a face mask for extended periods of time. They are very fast to print. You can print multiple units to save time.

Download STL for 3D Printing